Dr. Michael Mina joins Detect as Medical Advisor.

Pending FDA Emergency Use Authorization

A new molecular test for Covid-19.

Our molecular Covid-19 test gives you the accuracy of PCR lab tests, with results in 1 hour. Keep yourself, your family and your community safe. Join us in helping reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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Detect fast, without compromising accuracy.

With only 1 hour from sample collection to results, patients can know if they're positive before they have a chance to spread the virus.


Detect earlier and longer.

Molecular tests—like Detect and PCR lab tests—look for the RNA (the genetic code) of the virus itself. These tests are the standard for accuracy and may detect infections in people before they have symptoms. They can also be easily reconfigured to detect new strains of the virus as it mutates.


Detect for all.

Detect combines a nucleic acid test with lateral flow hardware that can be manufactured at scale. We're building a platform anyone can use to test for any pathogen on a regular basis, starting with Covid-19.


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